Monday, May 9, 2011

How the human actions intervene with the natural environment

Human is a part of nature. Human has to collect all his needs from nature. So, simply the human actions intervene with the natural environment easily. Some points are given below:
  • People need land to grow food. So, they destroy forest and make farmlands for their own.
  • People need water so they collect water from the ground which changes the features of ground water.
  •  Rivers have been modified for agriculture, urban settlements, to prevent flooding and to generate power.
  • Channelization-construction of embankments, dikes, deepening, widening and straitening of rivers.
  • They disrupt natural life and lower water quality.
  • They pollute both surface and ground water by making industries and through wastes into it.
  • Air is polluted by burning fossil fuels, incineration of solid wastes and evaporation of solvents.
  • From industries various types of harmful gases are formed which causes acid rain. Acid rain is very dangerous for all living beings and nature.
  • People use CFCs for their own betterment and send it to the air after use. CFCs are the main cause of ozone layer depletion.
  • Human create dust particles during various construction which pollutes air.
  • Human pollutes natural system by producing various types of harmful things and sending it to the nature.
At last, by the human actions different types bio geochemical cycles are affected badly which harms total natural system.
The importance of nitrogen cycle on the natural ecosystem:  Some points are given below about the importance of nitrogen cycle on the natural ecosystem:
  • All life requires nitrogen. Nitrogen is primarily stored in living and dead organic matter. The presence of nitrogen in total natural system is maintained by the nitrogen cycle.
  • About 79% of the atmosphere is the gaseous form of nitrogen. The amount of this nitrogen is maintained by the nitrogen cycle.
  • Nitrogen is the main component of plant growth. But plant can not collect it directly. Different types of bacteria absorb nitrogen by nitrification process from air and plant can take it.
  • Nitrification is the most important for all living beings.
  • Nitrogen is absorbed by the nitrification bacteria, taken by plants which are taken by animals as food. Then they die and decomposer bacteria send nitrogen to the atmosphere. So. Nitrogen cycle is involved with the total ecosystem.
At last, without nitrogen cycle plants could not make foods and grow up, animal beings could not collect food. So the total ecosystem will be hampered without nitrogen cycle.


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